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Crash While Scanning

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I am a new user of ClamWin. Downloaded the latest version from your site. I have a problem that the scanner crashes, I am not sure but I think it is always the file "usbport.sys" that is being scanned. My PC is a Dell Inspiron 1300.

The message on the blue screen is:


0X00000077 (0XC000000G, 0XC000000G, 0X00000000, 0X01A03000)

Hope this helps!

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Site Admin

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it's not thye scanner that crashes but your PC. Clamwin simply tries to open a file and that triggers a blue screen crash. Check your disk for fileysystem errors and if you have another antivirus with resident protection try turning it off.
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The Blue Screen Of Death

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It might help to know what operating system you have and the name of any resident antivirus software. The blue screen usually means more than one program/process is trying to use the same resource(s). That's why Alch wanted you to turn off any resident antivirus software to see if that is where the conflict is. Have you installed/uninstalled any other software recently besides ClamWin? Have you installed any hardware recently?

ClamWin isn't resident, so it usually works fine with other antivirus software. I didn't have any problems with it on my Windows 98SE computer running AVG resident. It has also worked fine on my current Windows XP machine with the other antivirus software I've used, and I've used several--AVG, BitDefender, and AntiVir. If nothing helps, as a last resort, you might uninstall ClamWin and reinstall it. If that doesn't help, see if you can locate the driver/problem. You may have to check with Microsoft about how to do that. You will have to use Control Panel and look at your system resources. The driver with the conflict will have a ? or a ! by it--or some other way to identify it

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Crash While Scanning
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