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website suggestion

Joined: 09 Nov 2006
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Location: Harrisburg
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I would like it if you guys (the clamwin team) made Clamwin advertisement icons that people could put on their webpages, or other types of pages to promote Clamwin. If you guys have already done that, than i'm sorry (i must have missed them), but I think it would be a good way to gain popularity and new people. Spyware Terminator has made a page dedicated to the type of things i'm suggesting at . If you made cool clamwin icons for people to put on their sites, I think it would be a great way to improve the popularity of Clamwin; you could also make some really cool icons involving clams, so I believe that the icons you could come up with would be VERY cool Cool . Thank you.
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Joined: 14 Jan 2006
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Location: Belgium
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I totally agree we should have some banners. The problem is that, at this moment, we don't have any graphical wizard to create them.
I just spent two hours trying to create a banner by just taking some images of the website and fooling around with them in the gimp, but i had to give up (i obviously don't have the skills to do it).

Anyway, if you know someone who can/wants to create such a banner, he/she is very welcome to do so. We do have a new logo that looks like this :

Unfortunately it hasn't been integrated into the software or site yet (we are waiting until someone with the right skills shows up).

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Joined: 26 Dec 2006
Posts: 57
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
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that a nice logo
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website suggestion
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