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sherpya wrote:
freshclam cannot resolve ip address of clamav db update site, you may have a firewall that blocks it or a misconfigured dns

Why do you say this? I think you are WRONG WRONG WRONG. Shall I say it again YOU ARE WRONG.

What is special about Clamwin that requires it to be any different to Windows Update or any other multitude of apps that work fine?

Windowsupdate works, hell even adobe acrobat updates! But Clamwin..... ALAWAYS with EVERY setup I've seen it on, falls back to http mode.

This is a Clamwin bug, or a problem with thier DNS servers not replicating properly.

The default for 90% of ADSL users is to have a NAT router in between them and thier ISP's DNS server and for that server to be assigned dynamicaly to the router, and for the clients to query the router for any address they need.

Thats why the router has DHCP as a default. And thats why the routers work out of the box, there is nothing else to configure in DNS.

These problems are either caused by.

1. Clamwin's DNS servers not replicating out certain records or records becoming stale/deleted.
2. A Clamwin software bug.

Now I have no problem falling back to http. If its something your just fixing then fine and I look forward to the patch, otherwise please don't keep blaming the end-users setup when it is so obvious it is a Clamwin specific problem.

Oh yeah is it STILL scanning its own quarantine folder? Did the Clamwin guys not think about that? COME ON!
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freshclam makes updates not clamwin, it uses standard win32 api (on win2k+) to query dns, I never got problems I'm on a adsl connection behind a nat
I don't think a firewall or whatever should anyway block an outgoing dns query, windows firewall is always allowing their stuff, and it may ignore at all that a win32 console want's to make
an outgoing connection (very unlikely anyway).
You don't need a firewall if you are behind a nat, it's useless at all, if you want the "feature" that blocks outgoing apps to prevent malware activity this is not called
firewall, but all vendors are telling us that it's a "feature" of a firewall,
please look at
these kind of "firewalls" are called "personal firewalls" but normally are not threated as firewall since it's the job should do an antispyware/antivirus

and finally I don't have a different way to make a dns query than using the windows api or quering directly the dns, there is no "magic"
way that windowsupdate or whatsoever does to work with.

Try to connect directly without a firewall and disable windows or other firewalls, if it still doesn't work you can complain us about it

also in original clamav changelog:

Wed Sep 13 17:46:06 CEST 2006 (tk)
  * freshclam/dns.c: try to handle broken dns servers (such as in SpeedTouch
           510), the workaround must be enabled during installation
           Patch from Arnold Metselaar <arnold>
  * configure: new --enable-dns-fix switch

thus not enabled in clamwin build
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