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Ah good to know
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Intereing Guitar Bob with the Immunet - in the db gobbly gook folders that clam generates, it is creating a sub folder with the ldb. talktowendys surveyzop
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Hmmm. Immunet is free. I wonder if it is getting some revenue from vendors, like Wendys or a survey vendor.

I would not use Immunet. They tried to make a go of it commercially with a paid version, but it never took off. They have always had a free version with Clam AV signatures as a user-selected option, but their main engine is from Bitdefender. It only has the Bitdefender signatures, so it is not nearly as good as Bitdefender. I have installed it many times but have always uninstalled it shortly afterward due to some fault I have seen. Cisco owns it (just like it does Clam Av) and they don't devote many resources to it--especially user-related.

If you want a good, free Windows Av, just use Microsoft's Windows Defender. It really is pretty good, and if there are any problems with it, Microsoft will quickly fix them. With Microsoft as the developer, it has more resources than any AV can dream of.

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CVD, CLD, DB folder
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