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Hi all. I'm trying to send an email alert to our helpdesk system. I have the email info written in to a ps1 file. I have tested the file and know it works. I'm now struggling to get it to send alerts when a virus is found. I used the sample virus, eicar, the system found and logged it, but no email was sent.
We're using ClamAV alond side a file share program, and it's own audit log shows the file as being deleted.
This is how I have it in clamd.conf:
VirusEvent powershell "C:\ClamAV\Email_Alert.ps1" "VIRUS FOUND: v%"
I've also tried it without powershell

Also, when writing the send email script, it won't send without a subject, so I added one. Now I don't know if VIRUS FOUNDF: v% wil even work, or can I put that in the script?

We're running on Windows server 2019

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If you are using Clam AV, we can't help you here. These forums are devoted to the use of ClamWin, which ports the Clam AV Linux scan engine over to Windows. I suggest you contact Clam Av for help with your problem. Even if you are using ClamWin, this software has been effectively discontinued. There have been no program updates for Windows for over 2 years now, and the developer can not be reached.

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