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ClamWin vs Others

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Hello everybody!

I have mixed opinions and comparisons about ClamAV/Clamwin. Is it really a good antimalware? How well does it, at least, detect malware of any kind? Would you recomend it for a daily use? tweakbox appvalley

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The ClamWin developers recommend that ClamWin should be used as a backup scanner to a real-time antivirus, such as Microsoft Windows Defender/Security Essentials. ClamWin is not a real-time scanner. It only scans "on demand"--when you tell it to scan vial manual scan or via a scheduled scan. In addition, ClamWin has not been updated/improved for about 2 years now. It gets regular virus signatures from the Clam AV (Linux) project, but they are just not enough to provide good protection even if ClamWin was a real-time scanner. There is no protection from fileless malware.

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ClamWin vs Others
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