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Some ideas for you and the database GuitarBob

Joined: 21 Jul 2011
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I see that you are discovering virus (you post the signatures) and you are doing the work.
My suggestion is that if you could do an independent database (conserving Clamav signatures)
I will tell... If Clamwin could update form ClamAv you can do a second database with your signatures.
I think that I will be many useful and think that it can be a feature for a futures ClamWin version.
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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Be sure and try those signatures before you depend upon them. I make a mistake sometimes. In that case, just delete the signature file (or the latest signature if you have several signatures in a file.

I develop the signatures usually from files I get from my own email. Clam AV does not detect the file(s) on Virus Total and probably never will. The Clam AV signatures are not enough to provide adequate protection to users, so I try to give the users that still use ClamWin (probably not many) some extra protection.

ClamWin is probably on its last legs. It uses the Clam AV code that loads the signatures too slow, it scans too slow, and the ClamWin developers have not updated ClamWin for well over a year now. ClamWin needs a real-time scanner and some decent heuristics that can detect malware for which there is no Clam AV signature. Clam AV is not a good basis for a scanner--it is designed for Linux email servers which have no need for real-time scanning and are not likely to encounter the breadth of malware the average Windows user may encounter on the world wide web.

Thanks for using ClamWin!

Below is an up-to date MDB signature file for you. If you already have one, delete it, and replace it with the file below.


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Some ideas for you and the database GuitarBob
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