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Security Suggestion Due To Lack Of New ClamWin Versions

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I have uninstalled ClamWin due to the lack of any updates of new Clam AV versions for well over a year now and also because of the atrocious slow scanning (which was improved in one of the latest new Clam AV versions that we don't yet have).

I have installed OS Armor from the No Virus Thanks people from Italy. It is free, and I think it might run on Win XP systems (I use it on Windows 10). It is not an antivirus scanner, but it scans in real-time to protect/harden your computer against many malware behaviors. It has main protections against the execution of suspicious processes, exploit protection, and it also has some advanced protection settings, which you can customize protections if you know what you are doing. I just enable it and accept the default protections which are pretty good. It provides good protection along with Windows Defender (which has been greatly improved over the last couple of years). ClamWin sorely lacks real-time scanning, and it just does not do the job against today's malware.

In case you don't believe me or you think I am some sort of internet troll, look at how long I have been on these ClamWin forums! I was ClamWin sigmaker representative on the Clam AV team (which furnishes the scan engine/virus database used by ClamWin) from 2008 until 2014. I also helped in the development of Clam Sentinel, which was a real-time front end for ClamWin in operation from 2012 until 2014. Free, open source antivirus programs don't usually last very long. ClamWin has had a long run, but development has stopped and it just can't provide adequate protection against today's computer viruses.

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Security Suggestion Due To Lack Of New ClamWin Versions
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