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Further development of Clamwin

Joined: 20 Oct 2007
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Hello all,

I am wondering how the development of Clamwin will be continued? Windows 10 already has a very good onboard antivirus with MS Defender, but I still prefer a lightweight on demand scanner like Clamwin. Observing this forum I see spam messages and Clamwin is available since March 2018 as version 0.99.4 where Clamav has already reached 0.101.1. Has the developer team lost interest in Clamwin? It would really be sad to abandon this project.

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend.


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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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Hello FreeFighter:

Thanks for your concern and for your long-time use of ClamWin!

I notify the ClamWin developers each time a new version of Clam Av is released. Sherpya has continued to make the ports from Clam AV Linux over to Windows, but Alch has not prepared a usable version of ClamWin from the ports for nearly a year now. Since Clam AV version .95, there has been some occasional new functionality that has not been ported over to ClamWin, and it has only increased for the last couple of years. It is probably difficult to transfer the new functionality over to Windows.

A developer from Brazil last year intended to build a new GUI for ClamWin and then do some more development, but, like all ClamWin improvement efforts, that has gone away. It does not look good for further development of ClamWin. Malware has gotten to the point that an on-demand scanner does not offer enough protection. Additional development is needed if ClamWin is going to be relevant, but that appears doubtful.

I suggest that all existing serious Clamwin users tell the developers if they want to continue with ClamWin via the contact information on the main ClamWin web page.

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Further development of Clamwin
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