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ClamWin as a Service

Joined: 21 Jul 2006
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I've had a quick scan of this forum, and seen that a ClamWin service is scheduled for the ClamWin 1.0 product. When is that due (roughly).

If it is some tima away, then I will try to create a service for the current ClamWin product. This will address my two most pressing problems:

1. Need for a central config rather than a per-user config

2. Ability for scheduled scans to be run, even when no-one is logged on to the machine (ie, overnight).

Let me know if it would be worth my while doing this, or is 1.0 close enough that I should just be patient and wait?

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Joined: 22 Mar 2006
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1) there is no unique way to do this, most likely you'll need to apply registry keys to al machines, we'll use windows registry to store configuration
2) I think it will be trivial since the devel version we are working has different components, the scanner runs as service
then is active also when no one is logged, I personally never used scheduled jobs on windows, but I think alch knowns how to do (it's true alch?)
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yes, v1 uses windows task scheduler and will run in user's context (logging in automatically)
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ClamWin as a Service
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