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Latvian Microtik Router Infector

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There is a rather nasty piece of malware found infecting routers made by a company in Latvia named Microtik. The malware appears to perform several different functions. In case we have some users from that part of the world or that have a Microtik router, below is an MDB signature for the malware. Copy the signature to a Notepad file, name it Sigfile.mdb (or add it to an existing MDB file), and put it in the ClamWin DB folder. Be sure not to save it as a text file--keep it named Sigfile.mdb--nothing else after the .mdb. You should normally delete a MDB signature after a couple of weeks because they get out-of-date, but keep this signature, as this malware takes advantage of a vulnerability in Microtik routers.


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Latvian Microtik Router Infector
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