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Running from CD

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Hi, why is this step necessary to run ClamWin from CD?

"ClamWin Portable supports running from a CD. To set it up, extract ClamWin Portable to a local drive and run it. Download the latest virus definitions. Then close ClamWin Portable. Move the ClamWin.conf file from the ClamWinPortable\Data\settings directory to the ClamWinPortable\App\clamwin directory."

I download the latest virus definitions, yeah, for sure, but why move the .conf file? I should burn both folders anyway.
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ClamWin Portable is actually not a ClamWin project, so we can not provide any help with it. I suggest you try to get help through the portable app project that developed it.

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1. The worst of run ClamWIn on a CD is that you don't have the lastest database updates for clamwin and you doesn't have the lastest protection for new virus.

2. You need configure clamwin and put the path where you have clamwin installed. Them you can run it in two mode:

You can create a autorun.inf


I don't remember that it called the icon of ClamWin and the file lof the portable clamwin

You need configure the path of clamwin into "file locations"
Don't put accents and spaces.
Better. Clic on "..." and selecct the folder that you need.

You have two posibilities

Step 1. Find the letter that you have tjhe DVD reader / burner
Example: D:/

Step 2. Extract ClamWIn Portable on the desktop for example

You can leave the folder.

Step 3.Open ClamWIn portable

Step 4. Go to "preferences". Them clic on "file locations".

Step 5. You need find three files.

Step 6 The files that you need is on the ClamWIn portable.

In tell the three examples

D:/ClamWIn portable/app/clamwin/bin/clamwin/clamscan.exe

D:/ClamWIn portable/app/clamwin/bin/clamwin/freshclam.exe

D:/ClamWIn portable/data/db

Step 7. You can download the lastest files of database for clamwin and put it in this folder.

D:/ClamWIn portable/data/db

Note: In my example D is the letter of my DVD burner

Final step .You need configure where you wan't move the infected files. I recommend that you put on a location of your computer because you can't save the files on the CD.
Example: C:/quarentine/
All files that it will infected can move to this folder if you wan't restore later

Save the changes and clic on "OK"

In my opinion it's that you need burn a lot of CD'S because day to day appear new virus and you need have to spend a lot of.
It can be well if you have for special chance.

Tell if this solve your doubt.

Step 8. When you have all well you can burn on a CD.

Step 2. Configure ClamWIn in file locations
Burn two CD'S.
I will explain well
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Running from CD
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