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Building ClamWin Source - Questions

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a University project with an aim to add the feature of detection using Machine Learning to ClamWin.

My first task is to download the source code of ClamWin and compile it on Windows.
To do this, I went to this SourceForge link ( and "cloned" the folder locally.

Currently, I am trying to follow the instructions mentioned in the file "INSTALL".
However, many of the links are old or broken.
I did attempt to follow the prerequisites (to the best of my ability) but I ended up with errors as I ran

While I was browsing this forum, I came across a very similar post (
In the thread, user ROCKNROLLKID mentions that it would be "better off compiling ClamAV source code for Windows".
What does he/she mean by that?
Does it mean:-
1. Download the ClamAV source code for Linux (on downloads page -> clamav-0.99.2.tar.gz) and compile that under Windows?
2. Download the Windows ClamAV source code? If yes, can I please have the link to it?

If my understanding is wrong, please feel free to correct me.

Any help is highly appreciated!

With best regards,

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Clam AV prepares source code for a version of Clam AV for Windows, which is available at
Clam AV: on the web. Look for alternate versions of Clam AV.

Sherpya, one of the ClamWin developers, has a web site with some helpful information, available at on the web.

Let the ClamWin developers know about anything you come up with--in case they can use it. Sherpya may be able to provide more information if you contact him via the contact page from the ClamWin main page on the web.

Good luck!

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Building ClamWin Source - Questions
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