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A potentially false positive on UBUNTU

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I am writing you after suggestion of a friend of mine. I briefly explain my situation, which refers to an UBUNTU 12.04 LTS OS.

After running sudo freshclam, I had a scan of my system by sudo clamscan -r. ClamAv detected an infection relative to an ISO built from a Windows 95 installation CD. The signaled virus was said to be a Win.Trojan.Agent-1812140. Previous scans, never reported infected files. I submitted the file to the VirusTotal online scan; there too, ClamAv reported the Win.Trojan.Agent-18112140, being anyway the only one in doing so (for all the other checks the file was ok). Unfortunately, as I am moving and needed have the computer with UBUNTU 12.04 turned into Windows, I formatted and lost the incriminated file. So, I could not report the (potentially) false positive to the ClamAv site. I just wanted to ask you whether I can be sure, or should worry; I use computer for work, and handle important datas, so I would like to be sure that that was actually a false positive (or in which percentage it might be).

Thank you!
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Clam AV is a participating AV at Virus Total. All participating AVs get copies of virus files that are undetected by the AV and files that are falsely detected by the AV, so I wouldn't worry too much about reporting to Clam AV. It will probably take some time for Clam AV to act on the file, however, as no one works on Clam AV full time--only as their regular jobs as Cisco/Sourcefire allow.

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A potentially false positive on UBUNTU
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