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I'm failing to use this properly :(

Joined: 26 Aug 2016
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Could I get some advice on using this, it seems very awkward and maybe even badly designed, but I'm hoping it's just me.

I'm trying to scan my C drive for virues, and have done so several times, but the issues arise after the scan is finished. Both option of "report only" and "clean automatically" are no good. Auto clean because there are a lot of false positive, and report only is useless because then I can't see what infected files I have since the output windows is filled with permission denied messages.

So once my drive is scanned, I am at a loss as to how to clean the infections. I hope I made my issue clear. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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ClamWin is an old program for an antivirus now. There is little development--it uses the scan engine and virus signatures provided by the Clam AV project (now owned by Cisco) for their free Linux AV.

Permission denied files are usually okay--I would not worry about them. Set the ClamWin infected file option to quarantine. ClamWin will not falsely quarantine important Microsoft files. If a file is falsely quarantined, you can restore it using the Qrecover program in the ClamWin\bin folder.

Since ClamWin does not provide complete protection, you should use it as a backup to another antivirus program. ClamWin is an on-demand scanner, not a real-time scanner. There are several good free AVs, including Microsoft Windows Defender/Security Essentials.

Thanks for using ClamWin!

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I'm failing to use this properly :(
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