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A new Clamwin: let us do it together, here!

Joined: 28 Jun 2016
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Hello, Everyone,

Three or four years ago, Clamwin was installed and did an
excellent job of ridding our several computers and thumb drives of a nasty
trojan. (Maybe it was a worm, but it was quickly identified and deleted!) So
thank you, Clam AV and Clamwin programmers, even though belatedly.

Sometimes I read your forum, recently I've read:


2. Quick scan via command-line

3. false positive - system broken

I would like to do something to move Clamwin forward, even if this is a first
effort for me here.

The only thing I know a little of, as far as programming
goes, is writing a simple batch file. I'll be willing to try this, if it
could help. This is in answer to article t=4371, the last two posts,
Feb. 15, 2016. This could involve, I suggest, running Clamwin's clamscan
and comparing it with Clam AV's clamscan. Maybe later, Clam AV's clamdscan.
Is there someone reading this who may be interested in testing or correcting
my attempts at making the Clam AV Windows binaries more widely usable by
the members and moderators of this forum?

"... use the Clam AV Windows port, and slap a Windows GUI onto it"
That second idea is beyond my capability. I think there's a way to convert
batches to executables, though. Maybe, at first, some links to executables.

Could the batch file be sent directly to a forum topic?
(A special one for "developing", maybe? Or some other form?)

Also, has anyone been able to record completing a scan
in a mere 5% of the time it takes Clamwin to complete the scan?

Sincerely yours,

P.S. I'm starting to try this now -- to an extent, Clam AV and Clamwin
can work together, as Clamwin and Clam Sentinel can.
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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Your desire to help ClamWin move forward is commendable, but you can't do this alone--it will require commitment from the developers. There has been no sustained commitment to improve since I started with ClamWin in 2006. Failing that, it will require commitment from another developer, and not many qualified developers would want to take a project like that on for free.

I don't think batch files are the way to go. ClamWin currently runs with Python batch files. What is needed is a completely new application program that incorporates a real-time scanner instead of the old Clam AV clamscan. Clam AV on Linux has a real-time scanner using clamdscan, but it would be difficult to modify this for Windows.

I do not think the Clam AV scanner is the way to go either. Clam AV has always and still has a stand-alone, email server orientation to scan unexecuted files that are attached to email. The Clam AV signature database could be used in another application, however, but the Clam AV signatures are too little and too late to detect malware that is changed often to evade signatures. Clam AV has no behavior blocking or heuristic detection--it is only signature-based, and malware is designed to bypass signatures when it first appears.

Email me at rscroggatgmaildotcom if you would like to pursue this further.

Thanks for using ClamWin!

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Joined: 23 Sep 2013
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I am not entirely sure how you plan on helping if you don't know much about programming?

Anyways, only the outlook plugin and the GUI are made from Python, the ClamAV engine is written in C. Using Python on ClamWin might be a better idea, though, since it is only a ported project from ClamAV.

Anyways, if you really want to help ClamWin, you might be better off helping ClamAV instead.
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A new Clamwin: let us do it together, here!
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