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Feature idea for OE plugin.

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Sometimes Outlook gets into a frozen state while trying to read already downloaded mails, due to the e-mail scanning(even if the mail has no attachment)

I did the reinstall with no addin, to fix this problem which in my case is more important than security (I use clam as an added security, and for hard-drive scanning, the net admin already installed antivirus plugins on the mail server).

I´ve read another post, and it says v1 will have a faster scan process on the plugin, but I think it will not suffice to avoid this issue.
As somebody else saide: there should be an already scanned mail db, this already scanned db, should have not only the UID of the mail, but also the UID of the virus def db.

And the application should allow user to configure:
Scan on mail download, scan on mail sending, scan on mail reading, each separately.
Also, the scan on mail reading option should let the user chose: scan always, or scan only if not already scanned with current virus def db (to allow re-scans when virus def db is updated).

I hope this is read by the dev team, and it helps clam to become even better than it is.
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Feature idea for OE plugin.
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