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We are looking for help!

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Hello ClamWin community. I, Guitar Bob, and a few other community members are building a real-time protection module with heuristics and possibly a web filter. We are looking for help from anyone from the community who interested in dedicating some spare time to help us.

The requirements:

- Coding preferably in Delphi, Python, or C/C++. If you code in another language, we may be able to work something out.

- Must know how to code heuristics, real-time protection, and web filters. Anything else that involves AV working is a plus.

- Preferably have at least some prior experience in AV, but if you are new, you may help as well.

- People who can port with Delphi, Python, or C/C++ and can port from one language to another or port from an older version to a new version.

What we are planning on building for ClamWin:

- A real-time protection capable to scanning files that are added, copied, and modified to the system.

- A web filter with domain/URL filter. If you can build a IP filter with that, that will be a plus.

- Heuristics capable of detecting and blocking PE and non-PE malware. Currently, we have PE heuristics.

- If you are knowledgeable of making simple UI or GUI constructions, you may help out, as well.

- Possibly porting the old python version used in ClamWin to a newer version, preferably a newer 3.x version.

We are looking for anyone who can script, code/program, or design. If anyone is interesting in helping to improve ClamWin, you may contact me at slinger1410(at)yahoo(dot)com (replace the (at) with @ and the (dot) with a .). Thank you for anyone who can help us out.
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We are looking for help!
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