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Clanwin blocking program instal?

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okay so i get this gift set of the complete national geographic on a dvd as a gift and I try to instal it (grrr several times but my version of clamwin blocks the installation half way thru and creates a quarantined version of the exe file of the installer and when i go to the quarantine folder it will not restore the installer file so i can finish the installation

why? what to do?

uninstal clamwin or temporarily turn it off ?

change some setting?

am i doing the restore wrong?

ideas anyone ?

or could it be i got a dud copy of the natgeo files ?

ideas for solution?

Additional Details

yes but i don't know HOW to disable / turn it off without removing the program entirely!

there's no menu command that says temp disable or anything like that
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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Most likely this is a false positive, but I suggest that you first verify the quarantined file by uploading it to Jotti or Virus Total. Either one will scan the file with multiple AVs, including the Clam AV engine used by ClamWin. If Clam is the only AV that detects an infection or a couple of these AVs do not detect any infection: Avira Antivir, Bitdefender, Nod32, Kaspersky, or Sophos), then the detection is a false positive. You should report a false positive to Clam AV via the Submit A File Link on their web page--select the link to report a false positive, not the report a virus link.

Are you also using Clam Sentinel? ClamWin will not quarantine anything unless you do a manual scan or a scheduled scan (it is not a real-time scanner), so I think you are also using Clam Sentinel. If you are, then Stop Clam Sentinel and whitelist the file via the Advanced menu, Paths or Files Not Scanned. Then Start Clam Sentinel again. Also whitelist the file for ClamWin via the Configuration menu, Filters, Exclude Matching Filenames. After whitelisting the file, I suggest that you just reinstall the program via CD, but you might want to leave Clam Sentinel off until after the installation.

ClamWin and Clam Sentinel are not the same program. Clam Sentinel was developed as an add-on program that enables you to use ClamWin as a real-time scanner, and it also has its own heuristic scanner that detects malware for which there is no ClamWin signature. Clam Sentinel "suspicious file" detections are heuristic detections that do not involve ClamWin signatures, and any false positives involving them can not be corrected by Clam AV--only by whitelisting them in Clam Sentinel. You should report valid "suspicious files" detected by Clam Sentinel to Clam AV as an undetected virus so they can get a signature.

Thanks for using ClamWin.

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Clanwin blocking program instal?
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