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Welcome to ClamWin! You can tell the ClamWin developers you want to be a beta tester by Clicking the "Contactg US" link on the main ClamWin page.

The 2 ClamWin developers don't have the time to develop the code for real-time scanning. They have tried over the years to get qualified volunteers to help, but the volunteers don't seem to last too long. ClamWin partnered with the ASK Toolbar people to get revenue for a professional. I understand there is a decent amount of revenue collected now, but as of about a year or so ago, they had not found anyone. There has been some talk of incorporating some of the Clam Sentinel code (see below) into ClamWin and adding some browser protection for a ClamWin version 1.0, but nothing has come of this to my knowledge.

The Clam Sentinel project (a separate project from ClamWin) has developed a small application that lets you use ClamWin in a real-time mode. It is not a complete real-time scanner--it only scans files as they are downloaded, modified, or copied on your computer. It scans files using ClamWin's signatures, and it has its own heuristic scanner that detects lots of malware for which there is no ClamWin signature. The heuristic scanner is very fast (it can detect and quarantine 25 viruses in about one second), but it does not "hook" any file actions to prevent file execution until it has been determined to be safe. So a fast-acting file can still get through with its payload. The Clam Sentinel project is at on the web.

If you are a safe and careful, experienced surfer on the web, ClamWin and Clam Sentinel might be enough protection, but I would not take the chance. I still recommend using them with a free real-time AV like Microsoft Security Essentials, Panda Free Cloud, Avast, or AntiVir. Just be sure to exclude (whitelist) the ClamWin program and data folder and the Sentinel program folder from the other AV, and exclude the other AV's program and data folders from Clam Sentinel (ClamWin doesn't matter as much since it is not real-time). You do not want each AV triggering on the other AV's signatures or quarantine folder or on common actions like scanning, updating, or quarantine restore. This should give you good, extra protection with minimal consumption of computer resources from simultaneous AV scans.

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