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A few questions about setup/config to include use of 7zip

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Ok, so I was looking at some of the setup options and configuration options, and I also wanted to integrate ClamWin with my download manager, to automatically scan upon download of file. Now my question really is concerning the parameters(I know how and where to put them in, just looking for what to put in). First, I was just reading in FAQ's-I am referring to the FAQs from the main ClamWin homepage, not the forums-about 7zip files, and using 7zip:

"Is the 7z format supported?

Yes. It has been available since version 0.88.5

The internal unpacker only supports LZMA codec, if you want full codecs support you can use --7zip additional command line option and 7z.exe executable."

I often download files in 7z format, and would like to make sure any and all of such files are scanned. So how does this command work, exactly, as I cannot find any additional information on it anywhere? Places I have looked for info: the help file included with ClamWin, here in the forums, on the main homepage, and from the command line typing "clamscan.exe --help"; and nowhere is this mentioned that I can find.

The second question topic I had is regarding limits, extensions in configuration, etc. What I was wondering, is if extensions and the like are set, and then also a filesize limit is set, then perhaps I want to scan a specific file, set of files, folder, or archives, recursively, will ClamWin scan that file, set of files, folder, or archives recursively, without skipping files(I would scan the specific file or folder by right-clicking, and clicking "Scan with ClamWin", or possibly by selecting the file through ClamWin interface)?

Also, I was wondering if heuristics detection is a capability of ClamWin/ClamAV, and if so, is this enabled by default?

Btw, I also plan to be using Clam Sentinel to provide real-time scanning options, if that makes any difference as to how my questions could be/would be answered.

Also, how would I make the options for 7-zip default for all scans, and if I did so, would that use 7-zip to open any archive type file, and would this work effectively?
Also, if anyone would know how it should work(I expect general answers, for how it would be expected to work), I have to specify "--path=%FILENAME%" in the paramaters to pass the file on in my download manager, but should I use "%FILENAME%" or %FILENAME%(with or without parentheses), or does it even matter?
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ClamWin support the 7zip format in that it can unzip files that are 7-zipped. It does not have any other special support for 7-zipped files. After unzipping, it scans them for signatures just like it does any file. Some zip programs will allow you to set up automatic download scans, like WinZip, but that is a function of the zip program.

A right click scan with ClamWin does recursive scans. It will scan all files/folders regardless of extensions.

ClamWin has no heuristics. It uses the signatures furnished by Clam AV only. Clam Sentinel has the file heuristics developed by Andrea Russo, the author.

I'm not sure about the % and the quotes. Perhaps you can find some examples.

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A few questions about setup/config to include use of 7zip
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