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can't see infected files in scan log

Joined: 24 May 2012
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Am I missing something?
I run ClamWin >> I have infected files >> I can't SEE which files are infected >> I have NO option to fix, or remove, or quarantine.
All I get is the scan log.

Preferences ARE set to "quarantine" files. I've run the scan twice, and I still have "2 infected files".

Need to update to most recent version of CW. (Was waiting for most recent scan to finish.)

Please HELP!

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 1278763
Engine version: 0.97.4
Scanned directories: 56725
Scanned files: 742752
Infected files: 2
Data scanned: 72758.23 MB
Data read: 231800.25 MB (ratio 0.31:1)
Time: 19385.079 sec (323 m 5 s)

Scan Started Wed Jul 25 15:33:47 2012

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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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You may be infected by malware that has its attribute set to a "hidden protected operating system" file. The Windows Folder Options is set to this preference. You can change the preference via Start, Control Panel, Folder Options, View, and untick the hidden protected operating system files box, Apply, and OK. Then look at quarantine and see if anything is there. If nothing has been quarantined, do another scan and then check quarantine. If that doesn't have any results, download Malwarebytes' Free, update it, and do a quick scan. Also do a scan in Windows Safe Mode with boh Malwarebytes and ClamWin. Enter Safe Mode via hitting F8 upon startup for about 20-30 seconds until you get a menu. Choose either Safe Mode or Safe Mode With Networking (lets you get on the web or update antivirus. If you don't get any more "infected files," you are probably okay. set the Windows Folder Option back to "hide protected operating system files."

ClamWin is an on-demand AV scanner, which scans manually when you tell it to, or when you have a scan scheduled. You should have a real-time AV scanner to protect you when infected files are put on your computer. You can use ClamWin as a backup. Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira AntiVir, Avast, and Panda Free Cloud are all good, free real-time AV scanners. For computers with operating systems older than Windows XP, use the free Clam Sentinel program, which lets you scan in real-time with ClamWin, and it also has its own heuristic scanning engine for malware that does not have a ClamWin signature.

Good luck!

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Infected files not identified
big al

Joined: 25 Jul 2016
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Hello, I have a similar problem, I just installed ClamWare and ran a scan (reallly really long).
It says I have 4 infected files, but does not identify them, show the location, or anything.
My option is set on Report, not quarantine or delete.

I can post the entire report if that would help, but it has hundreds of lines saying the same thing:
WARNING: Can't open file . . . . etc. but nowhere says "found" or "infected" or anything -
apart the end of the report:

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 4667494
Engine version: 0.99.1
Scanned directories: 29671
Scanned files: 157970
Infected files: 4

Total errors: 549
Data scanned: 41425.89 MB
Data read: 46038.54 MB (ratio 0.90:1)
Time: 22440.244 sec (374 m 0 s)


I have really tried to find posts on this but can't.
Can anyone help me please?
Thank you
Big Al
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
Posts: 4391
Location: USA
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Be sure to set ClamWin's infected file preference to Quarantine in the Tools, Preferences, General menu item. If ClamWin ever quarantines a file in error, you can manually run the Qrecover.exe file in the ClamWin\bin folder--after excluding the file from future scans in the Tools, Preferences, Filters, Exclude matching filenames menu item. Make sure ClamWin updates regularly by activating automatic hourly updates in the Tools, Preferences, Internet Updates menu item--set it for automatic updates with an hourly frequency starting in the morning or whenever you turn your computer on.

If this doesn't help, reinstall ClamWin. If that doesn't help, then install Malwarebytes free antimalware program and do a regular scan with it in case some malware is causing your problem. Get back here if nothing helps.

Thanks for using ClamWin.

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can't see infected files in scan log
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