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Hi All,

We have started a new section on clamwin webiste called User Guides ( ) with howto's on different subjects including integration with other programs.

If you have successfully integrated ClamWin with another program - archiver, mail server, etc then please post detailed user guide here preferably in plain English with screenshots (external links) so that everyone would understand it. We will review it and publish on our website with credits to the original writer.

ClamWin Free Antivirus Team
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No Install w/scan on demand

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Here is an attempt at a simple guide to run portable clamwin in windows, and never leave it running. I started with batchrun files but realized I didn't need to do everything at once.
At present, I'm using two bat files in my sendto menu. One for files and one for folders.
I have also scheduled an update of every 24 hours using System Scheduler (my task scheduler refuses to create any):
Only problem is getting the update to close which I solved with Bill2's ProcessMgr. It can kill any process after 'inactivity' (min) of 1 minute. Manually editing the config.xml I have it at 10 seconds (10000) and it works perfect. It WILL default back to a minute if you open it's rule from bill2's gui.

Using Batchrun (, it is possible to execute an update followed by a scan, followed by an output of the scanlog textfile, but I could only figure out how to do it to a specified folder. Daily updating works better for my basic setup. You can add multiple folders to a 'batchrun', but may need to use bill2's inactivity kill feature on each clamwin.exe.

Clamwin (on my pc) has two folders; bin & lib. Bin includes db & quarantine folders but no settings folder.
"G:\1-SAVE\3-SECURITY\ClamWin\bin\CLAMWIN.exe" --mode=update --config_file="G:\1-SAVE\3-SECURITY\ClamWin\bin\ClamWin.conf"

"G:\1-SAVE\3-SECURITY\ClamWin\bin\CLAMWIN.exe" --tempdir "c:\windows\temp" --stdout --database=".\db" --log=".\ClamScanLog.txt" --infected --kill --unload -u --max-files=500 --max-scansize=150M --max-recursion=50 --max-filesize=100M --show-progress --recursive --exclude="[^\]*\.dbx$" --exclude="[^\]*\.tbb$" --exclude="[^\]*\.pst$" --exclude="[^\]*\.dat$" --exclude="[^\]*\.log$" --exclude="[^\]*\.evt$" --exclude="[^\]*\.nsf$" --exclude="[^\]*\.ntf$" --exclude="[^\]*\.chm$" --path=%1
(I removed the mail stuff cause I don't need it)

"G:\1-SAVE\3-SECURITY\ClamWin\bin\CLAMWIN.exe" --mode=scanner --path=%1
You will probably need to edit the conf file to suit your specific needs as well.

I read on the programs mentioned here; autorunguard and usbvirusscan, and would like to mention the all powerful PStart ( Free and made for flash drives and has autorun & parameter options to name two of it's many attributes.
In windows "clamscan.exe --help" is the ticket for the list of cmd's. The 3 programs mentioned are not intended as spam at all. They are just for those who may find them useful in conjunction with clamwin in windows. I am a total dummy when it comes to dos btw, as I wanted some sort of exit when done (with params) option which apparently doesn't exist.
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Post your guides here
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