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integration in Flashget and others, help????

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I stumbled o Clamwin because I was looking for a commandline virus scanner on demand. The reason was that I use Flasget a lot together with FireFox Deerpark.
Now for some stupid reason I'm not able to get things goiing. That is I have a problem with opening a dos box and in the same command line make Clamwin do a scan on a certain file or folder. To be more precise, I manage to get the dox box (cmd.exe) and I will get Clamwin to run but I first have to start cmd.exe and then after the box opens the rest. Butto intergrate it in Flashget it needs to be in one commandline and I simply can't get it to work.
So please is there anybody out there who can help me, I sure it is something very stupid, but I cannot get it done
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paste the command line you are using in flashget
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I'd like to use clamwin.exe to scan dled files, but I cant get it work.

it works nicely with statusbar for firefox, coz there was a note to use %1 for filename, so i can give it arguments like:

--mode=scanner --path=%1

but there wasn't any note bout that in flashget, and now it doesn't start clamwin in order to scan dled files.

could u help me to solve this? whats the missing parameter?
integration in Flashget and others, help????
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