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Version 91.1 database oudated!

Joined: 08 Aug 2007
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I just downloaded the latest version of clamwin and now it's saying that it's outdated because 91.2 is the latest version. What's going on here? I am constantly having a problem with clamwin. This really sucks! And when I check the latest version it 's 91.1.
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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The latest version of ClamWin is 0.91.2, which has been in testing earlier this week, but it is now ready for download. You can click on the ClamWin icon to Check Latest Version at any time to compare your version to the latest release.

The message you sometimes get about your version being outdated when you download signatures is from the Clam Antivirus people, who provide the scanning engine for ClamWin. This message refers to the fact that Clam AV has just released a new version of Clam for Linux (and related) operating systems. The ClamWin programming team consists of two volunteer programmers who work part-time, and they will need a couple of days to a week to incorporate the Clam AV updates into ClamWin. Until ClamWin is updated, you have not lost any functionality, and you will still receive the usual virus signature updates.

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Version 91.1 database oudated!
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