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Outlook 2003 blocks encrypted attachment

Joined: 24 Apr 2009
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I ve been experiencing that Outlook 2003 doesn't send my emails with compressed and encrypted attachments.

Every time I attempt to send such emails, I get an immediate message from the System Administrator that the following recipients cannot be reached. The returned email is marked from 'System Administrator', and the subject is marked 'Undeliverable', followed by my original subject. My original message is stripped from the body of the email, but the
message body in the returned email says something like this:
"Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
'' on 4/24/2009 7:13 PM
554 5.7.1 virus Trojan.Agent-zippwd-5 detected by ClamAV -

This happens only when I encrpyt files with a password. But not every file. It is random, which one.
Sending an only compressed file with no password is OK.

Before the first message from the Sys.Admin. I ve neither heard nor used Clamav.
Now, I ve this problem since 1 month. I read several forums, but I ve no idea what to do.
Any idea? Pls help me!
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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I suggest you visit the Clam virus submission page at on the web. Read the info and then go to their submission page from the link. Fill out the submission form, upload one of your password attachments that was not delivered, and be sure to check the false positive block, and put an explanation (with the name of the virus falsely detected) in the comment block. They should then be able to adjust the signature.

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Outlook 2003 blocks encrypted attachment
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