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ClamAV update process in ClamWin and Ignoring mirrors

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I am not very impressed with the way ClamWin now updates, I have an older computer I use for a router/firewall/e-mail/server/loads of other things that is a gateway to my network. This is a box that sits under a desk and I work with it via remote and I have spent a long time getting it so it can be left alone and have the smallest amount of intervention possible, and today I was doing some updates and thought that I would update ClamWin sigs while I was there (its only set to do this once per day) and I see that for the last week/8 days all I had got when it had tried to update was...

ClamAV update process started at Tue Aug 07 18:20:26 2007 is up to date (version: 44, sigs: 133163, f-level: 20, builder: sven)
Downloading daily-3847.cdiff [100%]
Ignoring mirror (too often connections with outdated version)
Downloading daily-3848.cdiff [100%]

...and so on to the end. When I looked thru the relevant web page the only reason that I could see for this was because that ClamWin had been updated and it has been decided that anyone that does not keep up to the second is not that interested and so does not need to have the daily sig's updated !

I could understand this feeling if I (or any other user) is quite a few behind say 8~10 version updates, but not just one. For a good few years I have always stood up for the ClamAV/ClamWin engine against all other free AV engines in many a forum and Usenet, I am very sorry to say that for this point I cant see any way to defend it, and if its not fixed then I feel I will have to move elsewhere something I am not so happy about, but do not want to be left with a AV that is rendered as good as useless in terms of being updated.
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ClamAV update process in ClamWin and Ignoring mirrors
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