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Long delay before starting scan of attachments.

Joined: 04 May 2007
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I've noticed about a 20 second delay when running clamscan and can not figure out what is taking the time.
I've seen this on systems using OUTLOOK, but recently have been testing it with Pegasus Email. I've been using F-prot as the email attachment scanner for a long time, but there has been discussions that it might go away completely (DOS version). Engine updates have already stopped. A delay of 20 seconds each time you open an attachment is an issue. I've run clamscan directly from the command line, and see the same delay. Nothing seems to happen for a while, and then it stars scanning the file. Using the debug option shows what is going on, but no clear what all this is, and why it takes 20 seconds.

I was hoping for some switches or options to improve this, or a way to get it take the 20 seconds the first time you do a scan, but then to avoid the delay again. At least for the same email session. The Pegasus email virscan will remember if an attachment has been scanned during the session, but each different attachment requires its own scan.

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There seems to be a problem in clamscan that will be fixed in one of the following versions.

Please see this thread:
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Long delay before starting scan of attachments.
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