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Some questions and suggestions for CW

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Hello ClamWin community,

1. What kinds of Malware does ClamWin detect? Also spyware and adware?
2. I think, that ClamWin and ClamTray need much memory (while this programs are in idle mode). What is the reason for that?
I mean, ClamWin still hasn't an on-access-scanner at the moment...
3. An option, where the user can decide individually(interactive) , what to do, if ClamWin finds an infected file, whould be great!
4. What do you think about an information screen, where you can see, when you updated ClamWin and when you scanned your pc the last time (I know, that you can see it in the report file and the about box, but this would be a more direct way, to inform the user)?
5. Does ClamWin scan the bootsector?
6. What's about an heuristics and reperation-function?
7. An integrated quarantine would be great too.
8. A detection list could be useful too.
9. A function, that ClamWin could play back a sound file (on virus detection) would be cool.

Ok, that was all for now! Smile I know it's much, but maybe , there are some suggestive things, the ClamWin team can integrate in future versions.

Thanks for replies! And sry for my English! ^^
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Some questions and suggestions for CW
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