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I have some suggestions for ClamWin

Joined: 21 Jul 2011
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Location: Spain
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Hello, i have some suggestions for ClamWin

1. New modern icons for the interface
2. An automatic option for join with realtime protection

a) Automatic mode (Move the file to quarantine. If the virus can't moved to quarentine, remove. If it can't remove report)
b) Move to quarantine (all files that it will detected it contain virus will moved to quarantine folder)
c) Remove the file (all files that it will detected it contain virus will removed)
d) Report (if an lastest option) (All files that it contain a virus will only report)

3. More fast scan on demand
4. Automatic scan with real time pretection for ClamWin (ClamSentinel was a good project but i think that it would update it and join with ClamWin (It is into many languages) but it can be other options
5. New option or utily for restore the files in the virus chest
6. Scan files that have been downloaded
7. Other options
8. Multi-language version of ClamWin (F. Ex. Spanish) (F. Ex. in the past it was into Spanish)
Many thanks
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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Location: USA
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Hello Raul:

Thanks for your suggrestions. Many of them have already been considered over the years but have never been added because there is no actual ClamWin staff. The developers devote time to ClamWin as needed. I am the only other ClamWin person, and I monitor these forums on my own a few times each day. No one has much time--that is the problem with free software. ClamWin has lasted longer than most free software programs.

ClamWin is based on the free Clam AV C++ antivirus for Linux email servers, which is supported by Cisco now and was previously supportted by Sourcefire. The ClamWin developers prepare a Windows C++ port of the Clam AV Linux code if there there is a new Clam AV upgrade they think should be included in ClamWin, but they do not prepare many upgrades. Not every Clam AV capability can be incorporated in ClamWin. ClamWin does not scan in real time because Clam AV is for Linux email servers, which do not need to scan in real-time.

ClamWin does have configuration options to report, quarantine or remove infected files. You should never select to remove, however, to prevent ClamWin from removing an important system file and crashing your system. ClamWin does have a quarantine restore program called QRecover.exe. It is in the ClamWin\bin folder, and you can run it from there.

There will be no more improvements to ClamWin unless they are included in a new version of Clam AV for Linux that the ClamWin developers can port over to Windows.

ClamWin scans are slow because it has to re-load the entire Clam AV virus database before each scan--speed is not important on Clam AV Linux email servers.

I think there are a couple of other languages besides English and Spanish that can be used with ClamWin. You can select a language other than English when ClamWin is installed. There is no staff to prepare any more translations.

You should use ClamWin only as a backup to a real-time Windows scanner, like Microsoft Windows Defender.

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I have some suggestions for ClamWin
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