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Yara Signature For HermeticWiper Variants

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Below is a Yara signature for ClamWin that can detect variants of the Russian Hermetic Wiper malware designed to wipe hard drives on Ukranian computers. Yara signatures are similar to C code, and they are used by lots of malware researchers. Clam AV was modified several years ago to process Yara signatures. To use a Yara signature in ClamWin, copy and paste the Yara code (make sure you get all of it), and save it in a Notepad file in the ClamWin database folder with the malware name and a .yar extension. Save it with an ALL Files designation, and make sure there is no .text after the .yar extension. Clam AV/ClamWin will give an error if the file is named with an extension other than .yar.

Name the signature file below HermeticWiper.yar. After you save the signature file, run a ClamWin scan on an individual file to make sure there are no errors. You can put all Yara signatures in one file--name it YaraSigs.yar in that case and put a blank line between signatures. Yara sigs start and end with a bracket, but they usually have identification information before the first bracket. If you get a scan error in one file, delete the file from the ClamWin database folder. If you get an error for the Yara signature you just created in a YaraSigs.yar file, delete the Yara signature you just made, make sure the deleted lines are gone from the file, and save the file again.

Thanks to IBM X-Force


import "pe"
rule XFTI_HermeticWiper : HermeticWiper
author = "IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Malware Team"
description = "Detects the wiper targeting Ukraine."
threat_type = "Malware"
rule_category = "Malware Family"
usage = "Hunting and Identification"
ticket = "IRIS-12790"
hash = "1bc44eef75779e3ca1eefb8ff5a64807dbc942b1e4a2672d77b9f6928d292591"
yara_version = "4.0.2"
date_created = "24 Feb 22"
date_updated = ""
reference = ""
xfti_reference = ""
$s1 = "\\\\.\\EPMNTDRV\\%u" wide fullword
$s2 = "C:\\Windows\\SYSVOL" wide fullword
$s3 = "DRV_X64" wide fullword
$s4 = "DRV_X86" wide fullword
$s5 = "DRV_XP_X64" wide fullword
$s6 = "DRV_XP_X86" wide fullword
uint16(0) == 0x5A4D and 4 of them and
pe.imports("lz32.dll", "LZOpenFileW") and
pe.imports("kernel32.dll", "FindResourceW") and
pe.imports("advapi32.dll", "CryptAcquireContextW")
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Yara Signature For HermeticWiper Variants
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