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ClamWin Vs ClamAV

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I have been using ClamWin a few months now without any issue. But I thought I would have a look at the base ClamAV. Just a quick look shows that its ClamScan.Exe is 43kb in size compared to the ClamWins version which is 723kb. I am guessing that this is due to libraries and the like being directly linked to the ClamWin version instead of using.Dll's. This was just my first look but I am sure there will be other differences too.

Has anyone got any ideas or have you used the ClamAV version with ME instead of the ClamWin version?



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A lot of ClamWin users have encountered slow times loading the signature database and also slow scan times. This has gotten so bad for me that, after using ClamWin as a backup scanner since 2006, I have discontinued it. I have been told that an attempt has been made to speed up things in recent Clam AV versions, but the ClamWin developer has not updated ClamWin since March of 2018. I have not had much contact with him for a while now, and I thnk ClamWin is on its last legs. As soon as the remaining Win 98 users leave it, I think he will discontinue it.

There are just too many hoops for me to jump through if I use Clam AV's Windows version that it's just not worth it. Being a Linux email server application, they don't do much to help Windows users.

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ClamWin Vs ClamAV
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