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Tiny Wall Firewall

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There is a new version of the free Tiny Wall firewall for Windows out now that is much improved. Previous versions just put a GUI onto the regular Windows firewall and added the ability to stop outgoing transmissions. This version has its own firewall engine and some other improvements not seen on the Windows firewall. You can either use it alongside the Windows firewall or disable the Windows firewall via the Windows Security Center, although you will get a message if it is disabled (ignore the warning on the security badge). I disabled the Windows firewall and ran some tests on Tiny Wall, and it passed them all.

The Tiny Wall author, Károly Pados, has really hung in there with this program. Give it a try--I think you might like it, and it is always good to know that you have something better than the stock Windows firewall. Seems Microsoft only goes about half way with security.

Tiny Wall is/always has been free, but if you like it, you can make a contribution to the author--it will fund future development.
I am not affiliated with either Tiny Wall or the author.

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Tiny Wall Firewall
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