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Malware Piggybacking Upon Coronavirus Scare

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Some malware writers are pretending to send you information via email or web about the Coronavirus that contains a virus. Below is an MDB signature for one of the most recent/common. Do not rely upon health information from email/web. You should get this information from local/national authorities or health departments.

Copy the MDB signature to a Notepad file and save it in the ClamWin db program data folder, or add the signature to an existing MDB file if you already have it there. Do not save the file with a .txt or .text extension on the end of the name. Save the file as Sigfile.mdb. Select file type All Files to prevent the .txt or .text at the end of the filename. ClamWin is unable to recognize a text file as a signature. After saving the file, scan something with ClamWin to make sure the signature works--delete the signature file if it does not.

Signatures may last from one week or longer depending upon how lazy the malware authors are about changing their version. MDB signatures may last up to a month.


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Malware Piggybacking Upon Coronavirus Scare
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