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Using Clam Sentinel Without ClamWin

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Clam Sentinel is a free, open source front-end to ClamWin that uses its own heuristics plus ClamWin signatures to detect malware in a file on your computer, thus giving a real-time component to ClamWin. Clam Sentinel stopped development in 2014. The Clam Sentinel heuristics were designed to detect malware that obfuscated files, used unusual extensions, had suspicious origins in the file's Windows Properties, and certain characteristics in Windows executable files. It relied upon ClamWin signatures to detect malware that is not in Windows executable files. Detection via Clam Sentinel heuristics was very fast, but detection using ClamWin's signatures was much slower. The Clam Sentinel program is still available at on the web, but I don't know for how much longer. It can still detect executable Windows file malware--especially if it is "sloppy" or poorly written. Unfortunately, lots of malware is professionally written now, but if you want some extra protection in addition to your regular antivirus, or if you have an old pre-Windows 10 computer which has no antivirus, the Clam Sentinel heuristics might be of some help. I would not use Clam Sentinel with ClamWin any more due to its lack of development and ClamWin's very slow scan time. Here's what you have to do to use Clam Sentinel's heruistics without ClamWin:

First install ClamWin. Then install Clam Sentinel. Open the Clam Sentinel .ini file and insert NS=2 in the Clam Sentinel.ini configuration file .I like to put the NS=2 just before the Log Settings in the .ini file. In most Windows computers from XP through Windows 10, the .ini file is located in C:\Users\Your Computer's Name\AppData\Roaming\ClamSentinel (No Period). You will have to find the .ini file in another location in Windows 98 machines. This undocumented configuration tells Clam Sentinel to use only its own heuristics. If you do this correctly, the Clam Sentinel icon in the computer's system tray will have an arrow in the lower left corner, and the tool tip will say No Scanner, which means that Clam Sentinel heuristics are being used without any ClamWin signatures. You can then uninstall ClamWin. Keep the NS=2 in the Clam Sentinel .ini file. If you change it to anything else, Clam Sentinel will not work, and you will have to uninstall Clam Sentinel. The Clam Sentinel quarantine access and quarantine restore functions available from the Clam Sentinel system tray icon menu have always been much better than ClamWin's basic quarantine restore. Finally, Clam Sentinel alone does not have any manual file scanning capability, but it will scan all executable files with its heuristics as they are downloaded, copied, or updated on your computer.

Andrea Russo certainly did a good job with Clam Sentinel! He had regular updates, and they were rigorously tested.

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Using Clam Sentinel Without ClamWin
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