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Updater crash and a question

Joined: 05 Nov 2016
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Yesterday (the 29th), after what looked like a normal (manual) update, it forced a spontaneous "reboot" (I suspect right at the point where the update concluded and it would normally give me the "close" button) and when I opened Clamwin again to check on the update status it had this pop-up message:

"You have not yet downloaded Virus Definition Database. Would you like to download it now?"

Checking the Clamwin update logs, I see that from the 26th onward (i.e. after the parent company updated their main db), it gives "out of date" warnings. I suspect that even though I had two successful updates after the 25th, their update may have somehow precipitated the issue.

Looking around the forum, I found @GuitarBob's solution for other updater issues: back up and then delete the contents of the db folder and then run a manual update. That fixed the problem, and freed up over 4 GB of disk space as well.

Question: My current version of ClamWin is 0.97.8. If I want to update to the newest version (0.99.4) would I need to uninstall the current version first, or should I just install right over the current installation?

Thanks for your help!
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You can normally install a new version of Clamwin over an existing older version without any problems. If you do have any problems, then you will have to uninstall the new version you now have and reinstall it. Your original preferences are always saved with a new install.

Be sure to use ClamWin as backup to a real-time AV if you are on the internet.

Thanks for using ClamWin!

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Updater crash and a question
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