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ClamWin In A Domain/Corporate Network Environment?

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Hey guys,

I own a technical support and consulting business, primarily providing network and computer maintenance which involves (among many other things) antivirus scanning.

I recently discovered ClamWin and would love to use it with my customers as it is GPL and requires no purchase (I.E. I can include it in my maintenance service). I would like to know any problems, bugs, etc. that any of you might have experienced while using ClamWin in a corporate/Windows domain environment. I need to do my research before I install onto my customers' networks. Wink

Thank you all for any insight, hints, and/or suggestions. =)

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ClamWin should not be used in a corporate environment. It is not a real-time scanner--it only scans "on demand" as scheduled or manually. The virus signature database is furnished by the Clam AV project for Linux email servers. This database is maintained on a part-time basis by Cisco employees. It has essentially no heuristics or advanced detections, and it has only a limited number of virus signatures. The developers of ClamWin recommend that it be used as a "second opinion" scanner to a real-time antivirus with advanced detection capabilities for protection against today's virus threats.

Look into Windows Defender (free on up to 10 computers) or Forticlient (good/free but I don't know if it is available for corporate use). Even if you have to pay for an AV, it is worth it for corporate use. One ransomware infection can destroy a corporation.

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Windows Defender licensing on Windows 10 follow Windows 10 license, so no license is needed (you can use it on more than 10 computers). The 10 computers limitation applies to Windows 7 only. But Windows Defender/MSE doesn't have a free central management tool, so it is a non-go for me.

I'm developing a new UI and a central management tool to ClamWin, but even with this options, as GuitarBob stated, ClamWin is not fairly good as a standalone AV as it uses signatures only.

You can try to become a reseller partner from ESET or TrendMicro, they doesn't impose sell results (for e.g., Kaspersky you'll need to sell X products every 3 months or you're out - Microsoft does the same) and the protection and resources for commercial environments are pretty good (ESET allows you to block sites and TrendMicro OfficeScan allows you to block usb thumb drives).
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ClamWin In A Domain/Corporate Network Environment?
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