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Results gathered for support staff inquiry

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Folks in the support dep't:

I used Clamwin a few years back and was greatly relieved that it found and named a virus that a couple of other programs had failed to detect. With the information provided, I was able to remove the virus on a medical office's computer that had been rendered nonfunctional. I retained the program for quite some time, but at some point, a new version was introduced and there was a problem that rendered the program entirely useless. After a time, and many attempts, I moved on. For two or three years, anyway.

I remembered the program one day during a tune up, and came back to the site, and discovered at least two new iterations had been introduced and were now outdated, and the current version was available.

When the latest iteration was used, the same problem occurred, and I decided to look through the forum for some potential help. I found a member who had the exact same problem. The staff had made several inquiries and asked that certain actions be performed and the results reported. Unfortunately, the writer never answered the inquiries.

Several hours were spent gathering the information and typing it all out and then I discovered I needed to join to provide the findings. I did so, and was sent to my email for the confirmation. After confirmation, I was informed that I had been accepted. Acceptance. Kinda gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn't it?

Many attempts to sign in were rebuffed. I tried on three different days. Finally, I gave up. A few days after that, I dumped the folder of information on my desktop in the trash.

Today, I received another email, stating that I needed to confirm my joining of this elite group, and I clicked on it, with the result that I was told I had already confirmed membership. Okay........

So, I tried it, and was allowed on, and here I am, but the information is long gone.

And, so am I. Please remove my user name/password, and all other information from your records.

There are levels of uselessness and levels of disgust that finally shall never be overcome. You meet criteria for both.

Jaded1, indeed.

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I'm sorry you had a problem with the web site. I have passed your request on to Alch, the primary ClamWin developer who also runs the web site. It may be that you are automatically deleted/removed after a certain period of inactivity.

Due to the increasing sophistication of today's viruses/malware, ClamWin does not provide as much protection as it used to, and we recommend that you use it as a backup to a real-time AV scanner. If you need assistance in deciding upon a real-time scanner, look at the AV tests on the AV Comparatives and AV Test web sites, and pick one of the AVs that provides good protection with low false positives. Many of them have a free trial, and several have free versions that are very good.

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Results gathered for support staff inquiry
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