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RamDisk - Clamscan not faster

Joined: 25 Apr 2017
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Went from a known AV pgm to Clam*, because it did slow down the system too much.
I like Clam* now. However, real time scan with Clam Sentinel and Clamscan is a little slow.
Did therefore install everything, all Clam pgm's and db in a RamDisk, to check the difference.
But - it was not a bit faster !?
Does the time to load the virus signature db mainly go to the CPU??
Are complicated tables build up maybe?
Had someone else tried a ramdisk to speed up Clamscan with the same result?
I know Clamscan belongs to ClamAV, but this is mainly a Clam Sentinel subject.
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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Any scan by ClamWin (even when used in Clam Sentinel) has to load the entire virus signature database before scanning. I have often thought about a ram disk, but the ClamWin developers aren't interested, and Clam Sentinel is not being developed at the present time.

BTW, Clam Sentinel does fan initial scan with its own heuristics and doesn't use ClamWin clamscan until after the heuristic scan, which is pretty ffast, but it doesn't use any file control. I suggest that you use a real-time AV along with ClamWin/Clam Sentinel for that reason--for better protection. There are several good free AVs.

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RamDisk - Clamscan not faster
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