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"Permission denied" on MANY fliles and folders

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I use W7. I have always liked Clamwin, but not having any way to fix what it finds has been a problem for me. To fix anything, I have to do it manually, which can take a lot of time.

The main problem, though, is that a VERY large number of files and folders cannot be scanned: "permission denied."

I am the ONLY user of my PC, so I'm the administrator. How can Clamwin deny permissions to me?

I stopped using Clamwin, but have recently reinstalled it, hoping that problem would be gone. It wasn't.

Your scanner is the best I've found anywhere. My last scan found 54 nasties on my system. No other scanner finds anything but PUPs.

With all these infections, there are very likely more in the files and folders which are unscannable.

HOW can I get rid of the "permission denied" thing?

And are you planning ways to deal with malware, like a Quarantine and a repair option?
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I would not worry too much about the permissions denied. I have not seen any malware involved with this. If you installed ClamWin by selecting run as an administrator (from the Windows Explorer right click menu), that is all you can do. Those programs are either running during the scan or locked by then system.

ClamWin tends to get more false detections (false positives) than other AV programs.

You should not have to manually take care of a detection by ClamWin. Set the infected file option to Quarantine--do not use remove or Report.

ClamWin will probably never be able to repair an infection. It is dependent upon the Clam AV scan engine.

You can restore falsely detected files by running the QRecover program found in the ClamWin programs\bin folder.

Because ClamWin is an "on demand" scanner, it does not scan in real-time as files are placed or executed on your computer. It should only be used as a backup scanner to a real-time AV, such as Windows Defender (Security Essentials for operating systems before Windows 8). There are also other good free or commercial scanners.

Thanks for using ClamWin!
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"Permission denied" on MANY fliles and folders
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