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jeckman7 wrote:
I get the following ERROR message. What do I do about it?
ERROR: Can't rename C:\ProgramData\.clamwin\db\clamav-eab6c3f57777c357fe7fd2f7744ed2c8.000007fc.clamtmp\clamav-03ab2557c3a2d137b3822a0ab409c9d6.000007fc.cla.cld to daily.cld: File exists

go in
folder and manually wipe all clamav-xxxxsomething.clamtmp directories

also looks like you are unable to overwrite daily.cld file, try removing daily.cvd too
EDIT: on windows rename() cannot replace an existing file Sad, but the existence on that file may indicate the previous incremental update was interrupted
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Use the IP instead of the domain

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I fixed this with the latest versions by using the IP instead of the domain:

- Right-click on the ClamWin Free Antivirus extension (bottom right) and select Configure ClamWin.
- Click on the Internet Updates tab.
- Open a cmd prompt and ping
- Copy the IP address from the reply.
- Go back to the ClamWin Configuration window and paste it in the Download Site area.
- Click Ok and try to update again by right-clicking on the ClamWin extension and selecting Download Virus Database Update.

Cheers! Cool
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Can't update virus database since last program update
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