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LibClamAV Error: cl_load(): No such file or directory

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Hello together,

im getting a "cl_load" error while using clamscan.exe via batch.

First of all, ive created a Portable Version of Clamwin from current build(0.99.1). I run Clamwin via Windows PE.
Everything is working fine, as long as it gets called via command line.
But when ive trying to run via a very simple batchfile, i get a strange error.


@echo on
set dirroot=V:\Test\clamwin

This is giving me the following error:

LibClamAV Error: cl_load(): No such file or directory: V:\Test\clamwin\bin\db
ERROR: Can't get file status

While running via command line:

cd Test\clamwin\bin\
clamscan.exe --database=V:\Test\clamwin\db

is resulting in:

"Loading virus signature database, please wait..."

and then runs successfully a scan at the own directory.

I've tried with using ".\db", absolute paths, everything would work via commandline, but giving me same error in the batchfile.
It always adds the "bin" to the database location, but as mentioned, only when called within a batchfile. Exclamation
The only workaround i see to get it run via batchfile is to put the "db" directory inside of the "bin" directory. Question

By the way:
I was wondering if there might be a configfile-option for clamscan, like in freshclam. Question
This would make it easier to specify a lot of command line options for clamscan.

Thanks for help
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Be aware that ClamWin hasn't worked very well with the command line since version .95, when the developers apparently decided not to support or pass through some Clam AV changes made. It is probably even worse with a portable version. ClamWin is not tested/designed (really) on a portable version, so there's not much support for it available.

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using clamscan.exe via batch

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This is the DOS batch file that I said above that I would upload. I realize that DOS batch is very old school and there is sure to be a better way to do this with VB script. But this is the way I have been executing comandline programs in the Windows Job scheduler for years. As long as it works, I continue to use it because I am familiar with it and it works for me.
I had to rename the extension from BAT to TXT to get it to up load, So if you want to run it, you will have to rename it back.
LibClamAV Error: cl_load(): No such file or directory
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