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Fireclam (freeze)

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I just find the fireclam extension for firefox yersterday on your website, it's a pretty usefull one HOWEVER when I download something this extension freeze my browser for perhaps 2-4 secondes one another guy say this on the reviews of this extension :

which cause some error message at times, and finally while scanning firefox is not responsive which is very annoying.

I'll see if this extension also freeze my browser on my desktop computer (in some months however) with many more CPU cycles/RAM - on this machine (my laptop) i have only a dual core 1.8Ghz processor (im a linux user)

another thing : i will be cool if this folder is regulary (randomly,when the user is afk or when the folder is opened...) checked with an internal database (sqlite) to see which files don't have be scanned previously


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The ClamWin team is not responsible for Fireclam. That is owned by someone else. You will need to bring that up with the developer(s) of Fireclam.
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Fireclam (freeze)
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