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Okay...ClamWin gets the code from Clam AV, and ports it over to Windows, and adds a GUI to it. The developers hesitate to change any of the original Clam AV Linux code. Any additions they make to the code will have to be re-done each time there is a new version of Clam AV. Too much of this, and it gets to be like spaghetti. Additionally, Clam Av has a paid team (loaned by Cisco/Sourcefire as time perimits), but there is no Clam AV team--only 2 developers who have full-time jobs elsewhere, 2 part-time web site monitors, and a few beta testers.

If you would like to help with this or something else related to ClamWin, then contact the developers via the links on the ClamWin main web page.

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Suggestion: Once nasties are Quarantined, stop the warnings
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