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Read First Before Posting - False Positive Guide

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This topic is a guide for everyone on the forums. Please do not reply to this topic.

Before you post your topic, please consider trying a few steps before posting your topic:

1. Before you post a topic, please check around the forums, first, to make sure your topic wasn't already discussed. Also, please do a search around the FAQ section here:

2. If you topic isn't already discussed, please try uninstalling ClamWin, then do a restart, then reinstall and restart again to see if that solved your issue.

3. If step 1 and 2 hasn't solved your issue, then please post a topic here and a moderator will assist you as soon as possible. Do not post topics that are unrelated to ClamWin, unless you think ClamWin had some sort of relation to it.

These steps will ensure you get an answer much quicker then waiting for a tech support on the forums.

About posting false positives:

ClamWin runs off the ClamAV scan engine and database. Unfortunately, that means we cannot do anything if you happen to encounter a false positive. If you do encounter a false positive, please submit the file to virustotal here: After that, submit both the file and the virustotal report to ClamAV false positive submission here: Note: It may take sometime for ClamAV to release a patch for false positive submissions.

About permission denied files:

Permission denied files are files that ClamWin cannot scan because they are locked system files. There should be nothing to worry about as these files should be normal system files required to run Windows.
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Read First Before Posting - False Positive Guide
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