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Cygwin1.dll Development Question

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Please excuse if this is in the wrong forum. I would post to the development forums, but this seemed more like a general question than a feature request, or translation post. If this isn't a suitable place for these questions, I would appreciate a pointer to the right place.

I've noticed that the ClamWin project has used Cygwin1.dll in the past (and that you are phasing/have phased this out).

I'm working on a Sourceforge project (tuproxy) for Windows that needs Cygwin1.dll, and I would like to bundle it stand-alone with my application, so I can do a binary release.

Can you share your development experiences with this .dll (eg. wierd problems, version conflitcts, installer caveats)?

Also, I'm confused about the licensing of Cygwin1.dll. The ClamWin project ships a binary installer, which also installs the Cygwin1.dll. To what degree did your project provide sources for it? Is it enough to mention the Cygwin project and leave it at that?

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Hi Derek,

Currently we are not using Cygwin anymore, but I'm sure Alch (the main developer of ClamWin) would be glad to answer your questions. Problem is that he won't be on the forum for some time, so he won't be able to respond to you until he gets back.

Meanwhile you could try to post on the cygwin forum (i believe it's
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clamwin provides sources either downloadable at installation time, or using the file repository of sourceforge,
cygwin.dll is gpl'ed and it's not statically linkable so you should have a compatible license, and provide sources, but you don't need to bundle with software,
you just need to provide a way to obtain sources.
as budtse said, clamwin doesn't use anymore cygwin binaries Wink
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Cygwin1.dll Development Question
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