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Maybe a crazy idea, but…

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Idea …what if someone (ok, me) were to write a script that would search for all modified files in the last day (or whatever set amount of time) and from that list, drop all the files that fall in the ?exclude from scanning’ and then have ClamWin (from a command line) scan the files in that list over doing a full system scan every night?

I’m looking at this as a way to cut down on system virus scan times and to minimize hard drive access\work\ware and tear.

If it’s not such a crazy idea, I’ll see what kind of script (using VBScript) I can come up with so everyone can take a look at it and see what they think.


OR …have the script write to a log file the last time it ran completely and on script start-up, check to see when the script last ran and search for all files changed (or added) inside that time frame.
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I must first admit that i'm not a specialist on this kind of thing (but i'm learning), but how would you check if the file has changed ? You can do this by file-date or archive-flag, but IMO both methods aren't save (file-date wouldn't work for copied files, and archive-flag can be manipulated).

I guess if you really want to be shure you should calculate some checksum and store that. You should at least store some information (like size, timestamp, ...) of the files and check them. I doubt this will be an improvement in speed though.
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this feature will be implemented in V1 with a persistant cache of already scanned files based on the files crypto-hash. The filoes that are unmodified will be rescanned with daily.cvd only (much faster). Don't forget that if the virus database changes you'd really want to rescan a file.
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Maybe a crazy idea, but…
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