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ClamWin Portable update failures

Joined: 28 Jul 2008
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I suppose results from users of USB HDs would be a useful datapoint. I don't have any externally mounted HDs. ClamWinPortable Update results from users of any thumb drives 4GB or larger would be especially useful. Perhaps it's just Lexar and Kingston or perhaps the technology in these is newer than that used in their smaller drives?

FWIW, I *can* update a "server" installation of ClamWin (not the portable) from a workstation but not from the host machine itself. In this case, the machines are all W98SE (if that makes any difference).
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Joined: 26 Aug 2008
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I just installed portable apps on the root of my partitioned hard disk to try them out. (E drive) ClamWin included.

I thought I would try the apps out running from my hard disk while I decide to either buy a new flash or clean up my existing 2gb flash.

Any how the bottom line is that ClamWin Portable doesn't update, it comes back with the same MD5 problem.

I have a small 1gb SD chip I will copy ClamWin and try out the update.

Seems extreeeeeemly strange that the target disk size makes the problem.
So the problem is easy to replicate just stick it on your hard disk and run it from there.

As a developer of software and internet applications, I would like to hear a developers explanation!
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Joined: 09 May 2008
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i posted a similar question months ago and got few responses, but now i see that there are quite a few other posts with the same issue: portable clam not updating properly. it's confusing to me that there are numerous users having the issue, but none of the threads seem to have a solution to the problem.

might it be useful to consolidate all the issues regarding this into one post or a FAQ, and include suggestions that might work for those of us having the issue? since i posted months ago, i've stopped using portable clam on my usb key going to client sites, since the defs are way outdated. if there's an easy way to update this from the website, i'd do that manually each time i'm going on a trip. thanx!

btw, for what it's worth, the key on which the portable app resides is 4G.
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Antonio S.

Joined: 20 Apr 2008
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Hello All,

Not sure if this will help some guru to solve the problem experienced by some users; anyway here are my findings:

-Tested Clamwin Portable 0.93.1 on 2 different USB drives. To work on extremes I tried virus DB updates on 1x128 MB Verbatim and 1x8GB Kingston.
All updates carried out regularly (tested for 4 days), the Verbatim drive was slighly slower in performance but always ran ok.
For more accuracy each time after updating virus DB files I verified sigs quantity on the About Box and compared them to same info on the Clamwin copy installed on my machine. Every time all matched perfetcly.

If anyone wishes I can make a further running Portable on a external HD drive just to verify all options.

BTW, updates carried out regularly regardless I ran them from my XP SP3 or my Vista Home SP1 machine.

Hope this helps,
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Joined: 20 Mar 2009
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thanks,I got it to work by downloading both the main.cvd and daily.cvd files and moving them to the db folder for the ClamWin AV.
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Joined: 08 Jul 2009
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This is an interesting discussion.. thank you for sharing. pret auto
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Joined: 09 Jul 2006
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I haven't had any problems updating my 8GB Kingston Traveler. Did you make the change in the config file (Standalone=1)? Read Alch's helpful instructions at on the web? It worked for me!

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ClamAV portable not updating
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